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SpyShelter Firewall monitors susceptible and weak spots in your computer system, in order to ensure
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26 March 2015

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In a world where information means money, the security of your private data is constantly under threat from Spyware and other malicious applications. Hackers are increasingly unleashing innovative tactics to grab your data and inconspicuous keyloggers are often their preferred tools. Now your standard antivirus application may be effective against typical viruses but when it comes to protecting you from persistent and slithery spy agents, many of them invariably fail to do their job. In such a scenario you need a specialized anti spyware tool like the SpyShelter Firewall 2.5.1 that can effectively offer you holistic protection from attempts to compromise your data.

When you launch the SpyShelter Firewall 2.5.1 application you can visualize a rather well defined yet traditional interface that is intuitive. It lists out the primary option in the top pane and most options are easy to execute. The application offers you the capacity to protect critical system components like registry to prevent your system from getting compromised. It is capable of analyzing the traffic coming in and going out from your system and identifying suspicious patterns. It helps you to avoid the capture of screen grabs from your screen and safeguards any data that you bring on to your clipboard. It offers complete protection from keyloggers of every form and even restricts unauthorized programs from accessing your webcam. You can set the program to launch when the system is started and even modify its appearance by choosing a skin of your choice.

Overall we found that the SpyShelter Firewall 2.5.1 did a stellar job in protecting your data and its well thought out features and sheer range of protection it offers earns it a score of four and half points. The fact, that it comes loaded with keystroke encryption feature which renders even the most sophisticated keyloggers ineffective ranks it among the very best in its class.

Publisher's description

Two-Way Internet Firewall
SpyShelter Firewall provides incoming and outgoing network requests detection, allowing you control every inbound and outbound connection that is being established. This feature locks out hackers from connecting to your PC, and stops undesired applications from connecting to the internet.
Complex privacy protection
SpyShelter Firewall is an effective and easy-to-use security application that helps you to protect your system against known and unknown custom compiled malware such as keystroke loggers. SpyShelter Firewall constantly monitors all vulnerable areas in your operating system to ensure that your personal data is being protected from information-stealing malware.
Innovative, exclusive technology
Various modules integrated into SpyShelter's core allow it to understand how malware works and how it tries to alter your system files. Those modules ensure that your computer is being protected from hostile intrusions that may expose your private information. It means that SpyShelter is able to detect and stop the most sophisticated zero day financial malware, even before anti-virus labs discover a way to detect and remove it!
Fast, Reliable and Easy-To-Use
Thanks to it's unique design, SpyShelter Firewall does not need any daily database updates and it is compatible with anti-virus and other security software. Fast and secure processing algorithm ensures very low, barely noticeable system resource usage, meaning that SpyShelter will not slow your computer down.
SpyShelter Firewall
SpyShelter Firewall
Version 9.7.2
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